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4 companies and 34 persons in the service of the 2.0 development of your business, organization or event.

Interactive kiosks

Only those companies that adopt the Design offer objects of quality.

Our interactive kiosks create such an aesthetic emotion that they make those visitors that approach it want to come forward and discover the information being presented.

In partnership with our clients, we respond to their needs with solutions that marry technique and appearance.

While suggesting standard products customized to requirements, we accompanies our clients along the wonderful path of creation, from the initial concept right through to installation of the kiosks.


Do you want a video to introduce your company ?

Creative Now can take care of the whole process :
Screenplay writing, director’s selection, technician’s selection, shooting and postproduction available on various supports.


You have a web project and you want a team of professionals take charge of its development with industry standards?

Our team develops web applications using the tools of content management (CMS) performance and reliable (AToms, Drupal, Wordpress, Prestashop, Joomla, ...). With the advantage that she knows several tools and can select one that will best suit the needs of the project.


Creative Now offers to impress your visitors and offer them an interactive event.

WOW Effect !

We picked a line-up of startling "WOW effect" products for your delectation.

The WOW effect is created by products that are universally appealing and make a sharp impact on the target audience, which is certain to espouse them without a second thought.

The WOW effect ingredients :

  • User experience
  • Simplicity

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is losing its efficiency!

On its own, this provocative phrase illustrates our orientation in the world of Digital Signage. It's true, is not Digital Signage running the risk of committing the same errors as the classic media: over-communication? With a loss of efficiency as a result.

Take the Design in the development of a Digital Signage project, it is a guarantee of the perfect integration of screens. But also of increased impact.

We are also striving to offer a series of solutions that will ensure real added value for screens. Interactivity via touch pad or mobile phone imparts a new dimension to this media and very efficiently reinforces relations with the public.

With our outdoor screen solutions that can operate in full sunlight, we opens up new horizons to you.

Event captation

You have planned an event you want to keep track of?

Creative Now can take care of it for you :
Technical installation, production department, cameramen, editing and postproduction available on various supports.


Your wish is to advertise?
Creative Now provides you with a professional staff of designers for your own commercial.